1. @Farhan, baka chalyu to kharu tamaru premium account. pan roj password mate atli ADs skip krvi padse? btw thnx a ton for the account 🙂

  2. Dear djfarhanhacks

    I think I was inspired by your act of hack.
    I want to learn how djfarhanhacks get daily zbigz premium account.
    so can you give me a tutorial or teach me how to get it all?
    I do not want to just be a user or a connoisseur, but I wanted to be a maker or originator

    I hope you can, Thanks.
    please, email me

      • As i stated, i’ve been logged out as i put a torrent and press go, because anyone is logged in using the same account, so when i press go, i get logged out and the page says logged in from another device. I couldn’t upload torrent then.

      • As i stated, i’ve been logged out as i put a torrent and press go, because anyone is logged in using the same account, so when i press go, i get logged out and the page says logged in from another device. I couldn’t upload any torrent then no matter time to do so, problem.

        • Bro i said that before also. all you have to do is patience. when some logged in on zbigz then rest of the users may logged out. so you have to logged in after some time nothing else goona work.

  3. Thanks for finally talking about Zbigz Premium – [Update : 16th Nov] Free Zbigz Premium Account 2016
    Without Survey Loved it!

  4. Farhan, man, how many times you need to change the password ? it is sooo damn tedious !! You should C#### it in some way which doesn’t let others to change the password. BTW I am having troubles in caching the torrent file. I clicked “Go!” after adding mag link as well as the torrent file. But in both the cases the window logs me out and i again have to login …this goes repeatedly again and again every time i add any torrent link no matter which type of torrent! Pls mail me with updated credentials! TY in adv!!

    • i don’t change that password. My work is to update it in every morning. some users changes the password so i used to make it reset and then update it on binbox. and about your logging problem, it may cause because at same time some other users logged in so try again you will get success.

  5. and one thing more i wanna tell ya:
    The load on the server is sooooo damn high that caching speeds are upto 3-5 mb/s only whereas in seedr.cc it is negligible…in seedr, which i use daily, there is no caching time (the whole torrent file gets immediately copied to the cloud folder within 2 secs (w/ exception of low seeds/leechers) and then the fie becomes ready to download !
    Why isn’t the same thing possible in ZBIGZ ??

  6. Valuable info. Fortunate me I found your website unintentionally, and I’m stunned why
    this twist of fate didn’t took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

  7. Thanks a lot Bro!!!!!! It Works
    [ “And As You Wish” ] I Will Not Change The Password – I’m a Good Person Ya’Know 😀

    (And REMINDERS for those who are changing this account’s password is a IDIOT because the Admin can easily RECOVER the CHANGED PASSWORD by using his/her (“Sorry I don’t know your Name – Admin”)
    E-Mail Address)

  8. Hi im trying to login with those details , i am unable to login . i have followed all the links and i tried to login with the same details. please recheck once

  9. Please update the binbox password, buddy. It’s showing incorrect password. And yes I copied the password from 13 Dec update page and pasted in on the 13 Dec update of binbox.io

  10. Thank You Bro its Working ,
    But instead of giving password users.
    implement server login method so you can avoid change password by users
    like session

  11. guys please dont delete gog collection, its gaming file, you can download too, so please save it for long time, and thanks for this service i will keep always even when i got login

  12. Can you provide a premier account for “https://filestream.me/”
    this website supports individual file selection from .torrent file


  14. hi,i’m Brian i had my friend help me hack my ex’s email, facebook, whatsapp,and his phone cause i suspected he was cheating. all he asked for was a his phone number. he’s email is (hotcyberlord425@gmail.com)..IF u need help tell him Brian referred you to him and he’ll help. Am sure his going to help you do it, good luck

  15. Binbox decrypt key page having problem since yesterday, it redirects to this page automatically instead of giving the Password. please fix or provide some other source asap.

  16. Bro please send me acc username and password and try u follow procedure but link is not working on my ios device its ios 10.2.1 and blocking directly the website so please mail me on my account I promise u i will follow all the rules

  17. Wow. Tested this and that, this website is real true. And please delete the person who changed the password. I want you to protect this account so much! Don’t lose it!

    But I got one question, will this account last longer? Or it will expired one day and you will stop this zbigz free premium account?

  18. Dear Sir,
    Can you please send me details on my mail?
    I shall be very thankfull to you.
    I tried again and again but ads or coming again and again.

    Thanks in Advance

  19. thanx a bunch mr. farhan, I’m grateful to you. However i’m facing some acute problem during download from your account. As i add a torrent and zbigz completed caching whole torrent file, someone deleated whole cached torrent repeatedly, because of this reason i couldn’t download torrent file properly and all my time was wasted. please resolve this matter. Thanks for everything.

    • Thanks for the kind reply. i am buying a new account shortly so that you can use zbigz more easily. just wait for this week.

  20. Thanks for this great gift
    I have used it before but today’s both are not working
    can you send the password to my mail
    oh and does it work for more than a day

  21. Farhan premium expired today. Hope you make it premium again.

    For those who where asking for login details to mail, why dont you guys just skip some short links [to be exact 7].
    For those who are not getting the sites because of ISP problems use Hotspot Shield software or its chrome extension.
    Please disable Adblock Plus extension.
    For new users : Dont change the password. Dont delete others files. After downloading the files, only delete your own files from Zbigz.

  22. Cant have access to accounts, binbox capcha reload again and again when ever i click unlock this link.
    Please provide alternative link the above link may be dead. thanks

    • check the new update guys… skip all links again and then generate new password.if still not work then contact me again.

  23. in above links there are only ads and nothing else.I will thank you if u send me the login details for zbigz premium.

  24. I am fed up with the ones who delete other users files why the H E L L you delete the files when there is unlimited storage available! Please STOP deleting files!


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