STARBUCKS OFFER – Free Starbucks Beverages For Lifetime


STARBUCKS OFFER – Free Starbucks Beverages For Lifetime

Hello Folks!! DjFarhanHacks is now back with STARBUCKS OFFER. Keep in Mind that this Offer is Only For USA, UK, AUS, and Other Countries where Starbucks is available. Not Tried in India, You Can Give a Try. Here i am posting a working method by which you can buy unlimited beverages from Starbucks as much you want to drink. You have to wait some days to get your beverages for free. Here You Go!!!!

What are the Requirement to Get Unlimited Beverages From STARBUCKS OFFER? :

1. First of All You have to keep patience for approximately 30 Days to set up this and after that it’s your choice how much you want free beverages from Starbucks. All Free!!!

2. After that you must need some email accounts. don’t worry i will provide it too!!!

3. Lastly, you must need a Starbucks gift card (Only Once) of $2. (Must be legit gift card)

How To Get Free Beverages For Life From STARBUCKS OFFER? :

1. Firstly, Download TOR Browser in your Phone. You need to make email accounts so TOR Browser is useful. : Download TOR Browser

2. Visit on Given Link to Create an Account on Starbucks. : Create Account on Starbucks

3. You must need to verify your mail address so You must have to use legit email id. Don’t worry. You can Use Given Link to Create Unlimited Disposable Mail Address. : Create Disposable Mail

4. Copy Temporary Mail From there and Use it to create an account and then Verify your Mail address.

NOTE : Keep the LOG Info of your all accounts which you create.

5. Great! Back to your Starbucks account and Go to My Account.

6. Go to Setting and then go to Personal Info and then Find My Birthday.

7. Keep in Mind that, Enter the randomly birthday but put 30 DAYS from when you created that Starbucks account.

NOTE : if you made account on 7th Sep, 2016 then Enter Your Birth date as 9th Oct, XXXX

8. Make as much as account on starbucks, and verify it and put birth date after 30 days in it.

NOTE : i would like to suggest do only twice or thrice a month.

9. Time to invest approx $2 , go to or and find gift card section and buy Starbucks gift card from there.

NOTE : Don’t Worry. You can Attach this One Gift card to unlimited Starbucks accounts.

Example : Here is my gift card

10. You will receive your gift card soon. you have to add that gift card in all starbucks accounts which you have created. Then Download Starbucks Mobile Application

11. On the Birthdays or on any other days, if you want free beverages from Starbucks, Then visit your nearest Starbucks. Login with your account in Starbuck application.

12. Show the Barista to your phone and Voilaa!!! You will get Your Free beverage form Starbucks!!!

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