DjFarhanHacks Whatsapp Broadcast Service – Join To Get Instant Loots


DjFarhanHacks Whatsapp Broadcast Service – Join To Get Instant Loots

Hello DjFarhanHacks Readers!!! Here i am officially launching DjFarhanHacks Whatsapp Broadcast Service on my website. Sometime it happens that if you guys are not checking out my website and suddenly some LOOTS are there and when you visit and HEAVY LOOT may be over that time. So, Now here i started DjFarhanHacks Whatsapp Broadcast Service where you have to send us a message on whatsapp and have to save our contact in your contact list. so, you will get connected to whole day on your whatsapp.

How To Join DjFarhanHacks Whatsapp Broadcast Service? :

1. First of All if You want to Join Free Recharge Tricks – DjFarhanHacks’ official broadcast service then just go to your contacts.

2. Click on New Contact and Give a Name DjFarhanHacks and then Add this Number +917016635779

3. Save That Contact.

4. Open Your Whatsapp and Then Refresh your whatsapp contact list and Find DjFarhanHacks

5. Send a Message To Us Like This. :


6. I will accept your message and will add your contact in DjFarhanHacks Whatsapp Broadcast Service and be sure that your contact will be 100% Safe with DjFarhanHacks.

Rules & Regulations :

1. Personal Messages in Whatsapp will not be replied. I will ignore it. So do not Try to message me and don’t wait for reply.

2. When i share any Loot or Trick via Broadcast don’t Reply with any emoticons or Make Comments there.

3. If you want to ask any questions you can Comment on our Website or can mail us.

4. Please Don’t Message me for any tricks and loot offers.


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